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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some of the bottles not completely full?

Spices are sold by weight, not volume. We use bottles that will hold the quantity (like 1 pound) that are not specific to the weight of each product. Spices also pack down, so as they pack down, the bottle will look less full.

I don’t really need a pound, so can I get smaller quantities?

Unfortunately, we only sell the 12 ounce and 16 ounce containers separately. This allows us to offer our customers excellent pricing.

What kind of caps are on the bottles?

We use a cap called a tri-pour cap. It has two sides…1 for a spoon and 1 in a rectangular shape that makes pouring easy.

How long will it take me to get my spices?

Generally we ship spices within 24 hours. Occasionally it takes a little longer if we are out of a specific spice and must place it on backorder.

How will my spices be delivered?

Usually spices are shipped via UPS.

Do blind people really process these spices?

Yes. Our production personnel are all legally blind. Legally blind people can have some vision.

How do I know the quality of my spices are up to my standards?

Our spices are handled in a clean room atmosphere. Our equipment is all stainless steel and is thoroughly cleaned routinely after production. Our personnel use lab coats, hair nets, and gloves. We have routine Health Department inspections and are registered with the FDA. Our quality standards include third party inspections, visual inspections, and a complete quality process from time of order to time of shipment.

I made a mistake on my order by ordering garlic salt instead of garlic powder. Can I return the garlic salt?

As long as the product has not been opened and it has not been more than 30 days since your order, we will be glad to accept the return of the garlic salt and send you garlic powder. We will simply credit your new bill for the returned item.

I’d really like to see how the spices are produced. Can I visit your plant to see the spice operation?

We love visitors. Simply call our toll-free number or use “contact us” on the website and we can arrange an appointment. Our facility is located in Richmond.

My church would like to buy some of the fundraiser boxes. Can we change the spices that are in the box?

We can customize the kits with different spices, but the quantity needed to change the line will be 480 boxes (20 cases). The price may also change depending on the cost of the spices you order. Call our toll free number or complete the “Contact us” form and we will work with you on your project.

My club makes sausage from venison. Can you mix our special blend of spices so we call sell it to our members?

Yes. We can blend and mix spices to your specifications.

My company/organization is tax exempt. Why was I charged tax on my order?

We need a copy of your tax exempt certificate before we can set you up as a tax exempt customer. Please READ THIS before placing your first order for instructions.

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